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Conversations with checkers at grocery stores

2 years ago

It is getting more difficult, it seems, to have conversations with checkers at grocery stores.

Friday I went to Bristol Farms in Westchester (L.A.) to get fish, sushi, and stock up, and I did end up buying $350 worth of groceries. The checker asked me if this was for the week-end (and I thought he was being serious), and I said, "No, this is for the week"- Kevin told me that he was trying to make a joke, but if so, this was completely lost on me.

Then he wanted to know what I was going to make with the cabbage I was buying, and I told him that I was going to make sauerkraut. During this time, it was very difficult for either of us to understand each other while wearing masks. He then asked me how I made it, and I told him that it just required cabbage, garlic, salt, and caraway seeds. Then he said that it was nice that I made my own sour cream, and so he may have misunderstood me. This grocery store is just a few blocks from Loyola Marymount University, and many of the works there are students.

Since this university is close to the beach, many of the students are surfers, like this guy:

I also have my clock radio set to KXLU, the Loyola Marymount student station, and many of the disc jockeys there are also like this guy and are probably surfers. I'm fine with that because I used to surf when I lived in Venice.

Anyway, while I was trying to have a conversation with my checker, I heard the checker behind me having an unusual conversation with his customer. At Bristol Farms, the check stations face each other (mirrored orientation) and there is a very wide aisle between them with a roped partition to keep their customers separated, who have their backs to each other. The customer behind me was trying to pay with a $100 bill, but the checker was refusing to accept it, and so I turned around to see what was going on. The checker held the $100 bill up to the light to look at the picture of Ben Franklin, and said to his customer, "This looks like one of the Doobie Brothers. You need to take this back to the bank where you got it and get it replaced." I paid with a credit card, and so I did not have this problem, but I still never had a coherent conversation with my checker.

Are you having problems like this at your local store? Do any of your $100 bills have a picture of one of the Doobie Brothers?

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