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Can I plant my rose in a big hole full of store bought garden soil?

7 years ago


I've always loved roses. I was worried if they would do well in my yard, because my soil was horrible. I had it tested a few years ago at the extension office and it was very deficient in everything they tested for. It's clay soil. I really wanted to try roses though, so 2 years ago I planted a pink knock out rose. At that time, the seller of the rose recommended I plant the rose in my own soil without adding any store bought garden soil or anything else. They said if I added "better" soil, the roots may stay in that soil and never grow beyond it. I did fertilize, as I knew my soil was mineral deficient

So fast forward 2 years later. My rose looks almost exactly the same as when I planted it. It has grown maybe a few inches. It still almost looks like a twig. It is still alive, it has green leaves, and it does make a few flowers, but it has almost no growth.

I was really disappointed at the results and gave up on roses for a while. But now, my wife wants me to give it another shot. I've ordered 2 roses from heirloom roses that will get here in a few weeks. They do sell some compost, which I ordered that I was going to try to add to my hole when I dug it to see if that would help. But then I thought, why not just dig a really big hole, get rid of the horrible soil from my garden, and replace it was some sort of store bought garden soil. I know may not be ideal, but I don't think it could be any worse than planting it in my own soil. Is this a good idea?

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