Blue Themed Dinner?

John Liu
2 years ago

There is a political undertone (overtone?) to this post but I will get it out of the way quickly and then move on to the food part.

I have to put on a buffet type party for possibly forty women who are obsessed with the color blue.

What the?! Explanation time: SWMBO has been working with some groups of female political activists here in Portland to get our the vote and support candidates for the just -concluded midterm elections. We have had innumerable meetings at our house, two get-out-the-vote videos were filmed here for the #votenaked campaign, there's been a party or two here, and on Nov 17 we're housing a wrap-and-on-to-the-next battle event.

On those videos...If you want to see glimpses of my house, this video

And see if you can guess which is my son, this video

Don't worry, the level of nakedness is G rated.

The groups are Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done who created the "In Our America" signs which are explained at , Indivisible Oregon, and Moms Demand Action which I think is a gun control group formed after the Sandy Hook shooting. These are almost all ladies who have come together and become politically active in the past couple of years. They are left-leaning and that's where the color "blue" comes in.

End of political explanation, on to the food!

I need dishes with a blue theme or at least a blue garnish. No food coloring allowed - this is Portland! The blueness can be subtle. And the food should be suitable for a buffet service and consuming from (blue) paper plates on what's likely to be a cold rainy night.

We do have the blue cocktail stuff figured out. And I'm putting together a music playlist of, naturally, blues and blues-influenced jazz and rock.

I vaguely recall a Cooking Forum thread many years ago about blue dishes. I think blue (actually purple) potatoes were mentioned. I can't find the thread - the search feature here never was very good.

One main is probably going to be boeuf bourguignon mostly because I feel like it, not a particularly blue dish but I guess I can garnish that with blueberries or something. I need to produce a fish course, but there's no bluefish in the markets here. I'm guessing side dishes will be easier to imbue with blueness.

Any ideas? Blue is a difficult color to cook around. If the group's chosen color were red or green, that would make the menu a lot easier :-)

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