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Killing my lawn and completely replacing my topsoil. Good idea?

4 years ago

I know this idea may sound radical, but I'm thinking about killing my current lawn and completely replacing the topsoil.

I reseed my frontyard almost every fall and I topdress it with compost. I use organic fertilizers throughout the year and mow and water it properly, resulting in a lush, healthy lawn every spring:

The problem is, one heat wave is enough to completely destroy my work. And it happens every. Single. Year. In the exact same spots.

This is very mild damage. Usually, by the end of June, my lawn is completely burnt despite proper care. In September, when temperatures drop, my lawn turns green again, but the damage is done. Please note that I live in Poland and we have a mild climate!

Now, for the interesting part: I needed to fill a low spot in the lawn last spring. I filled it with topsoil mixed with compost and seeded KBG, but decided to reseed the entire front yard while I was at it. I got drastically better results on the patch with new topsoil than in other areas.

This leads me to a conclusion that I might not ever get good results with my current soil, no matter what I do. By the way, the soil was evened out with peat moss 5 years ago, which is very permeable.

There will be road work done on my street next month - including curb replacement, so my front yard is going to be destroyed anyway. I'm thinking about killing off my current lawn and replacing the topsoil (~8 inches) with something more fertile. I'd also install an irrigation system - at this point... why not. Do you think new topsoil is a good idea?

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