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How to water trees on land without access to tap water?

Soumil Yarlagadda
last month
last modified: last month

So i planted a few small maple trees i grew from seed (1 silver, 1 sugar, 4 norway, 1 trident), a pomogranate seedling, a strawberry arbutus, and a california ash on what i think is public land in San Bernardino California. These trees are not well adapted to the very dry and warm summers here.

There is simply not enough rainfall to naturally irrigate them, and there is no way to water these things normally (no hose, no tap to connect to) so I thought that a 50- 100 gallon rain barrel with a pump connected to a small sprinkler system would do the job. Is this a good idea, or do you guys have more genious and low effort ways to irrigate them? also dont ask why I planted non natives, I had no where else for them to go as my garden ran out of space. They almost certainly wont be invasive.

Inaturalist link to see gallery of trees i planted:

photo of trees before planting

photos of planting site after planting

example digging hole to show how the soil looks like

silver maple after planting:

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