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Seedling Update

Hyn Patty, Western NC Mountains (USA)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Most of my adenium seeds were obtained in August or September of 2016. That means they were started and grew a few weeks but had to be brought in almost right away to over winter where they went dormant while still very small. I kept them a bit too over dry but I lost literally only two or three out of 400. The following summer in 2017 was their first real season to grow.

Therefor, this seedling obsesum is technically 1.5 years old but is really a yearling that has had one summer of growth, about to start it's second. The photo angle is a little deceptive but this adenium is slightly less than 5 inches from the growing tip to the bottom of the caudex, and slightly more than 1.5 inches wide. The short, thick double tap root was cut last autumn and side feeder roots have formed. It has four branches - two short and two longer leaders. Height from soil line is about 4 inches.

At this point I am about to trim back the two taller branches to get more light to the shorter branches, and to encourage more branches through new buds. I am also going to cut off the bottom of the caudex since it's very uninteresting from the start, seal it with super glue and replant to continue growth of the side feeder root system. As it spreads, and as I begin to gently wire the branches, this plant will be on it's way to making a fine little bonsai. It will likely be a single red flower as it is a seedling of 'Star of Top', not variegated. I may also angle the cut to give the small tree a slight lean to make it more interesting than just being upright.

Anyway, as I begin the slow process of repotting I am doing a little root trimming and training. Nothing has been wired yet as they have been too small. Some of the seedlings are smaller, some have very nice gnarly roots forming, most have multiple branches though I do have a few single tops. I'm looking forward to the coming summer growth and the hope to see first flowers on some of these babies.

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