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Star of Top and various Seedlings Update

I hadn't posted here since last autumn so I thought I would put in a small update on how my adeniums are doing. I've ordered four more obessum and keeping looking around at others, but for now my Star of Top I got last September is preparing flower buds. It would be the first time an adenium bloomed for me.

So 5 or 6 flower buds at least, and possibly more coming along. A few new leaves trying to start coming out as well. Most of the leaves are lightly variegated around the edges but nothing over dramatic yet.

The grafted Star of Top is in the back near the big oak tree that comes up through my back deck. These are my 400+ seedlings. All of them were started last August or September so that already makes them about 6 months old for me. I wasn't watering them enough over the winter so they were grown pretty hard without my intending to. Even so they are making new leaves like crazy now and even a few flower buds I think.

A typical seedling around 3 to 4 inches tall. This obessum is a supposed to be a selfing of Tropical Love, a yellow multi layered bloom with touches of red in the center of the petals. You can see it's throwing a lot of lateral shoots popping out around the top. A lot of my obessum are doing that so I'm quite pleased to see them branching so low. I also pinched and will pinch a few tips if they start to bolt without nice branching.

A random healthy seedling from above. I have an assortment of obessum (Mostly KO hybrid seed but also some Rinoa and some Ebay selections) as well as some Thai Socco and some arabicums. All of these certainly could be larger but I don't mind them going slow as long as they are healthy. Figuring it out as I go.

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