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Paul Barden’s Siren’s Keep

6 years ago

I have a hot spot in my yard where the DA Queen of Sweden currently resides. Needless to say, she hates it there. This is a raised bed, with a wooden fence behind it. The spot receives full sun from about 11 am on.

A few years ago I purchased ‘Siren’s Keep’. What beautiful blooms! As many of you know, I don’t care for red roses, but this is a magenta/purple color. A little like Darcey Bussell, but less red. Anyway, I was inexperienced and foolishly planted my Siren’s Keep in an enormous cement urn. The urn must be about 40 gallons, at least. I WAS warned against this on this very forum, possibly by Paul Barden himself. I don’t remember if I had already planted it in that pot, and didn’t want to admit it, or if I was thinking, “He just doesn’t know how big my pot really is”.( I’m sure it didn’t help that RVR lists Siren’s Keep as “good for pots”.) Well, I’m not above admitting it when I’ve made a mistake, and I’m admitting it now. Siren’s Keep is healthy, but hardly blooms in that pot. It’s difficult to keep it watered enough, and by the looks of all the new growth coming up from underground, probably full of roots. That beautiful concrete urn also gets so hot in the summer sun that I have to have someone come move it into the shade, so the roots don’t cook. Sorry for not listening. Lesson learned.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, would Siren’s Keep be a good candidate for the spot Queen of Sweden needs to vacate? I need something that will be 3-4’ wide( NO wider) and 5-8’ tall. It needs to be able to handle full So CA sun and dry heat. I hate blooms that fry or shatter in a day. I was going to put a Tea Rose there, but it seems that they get too wide for this spot.(Thanks Jeri, and others for saving me from more disappointment. See, I do listen now) Thanks, Lisa

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