More on Paul Barden's roses, please!

2 years ago

I've seen the beautiful pics of 'Mel's Heritage', some envy-inducing pics of 'Golden Buddha', and the swoon-worthy 'Marianne'. 'Umbra', 'Etienne', and 'Rook' show up in the gallica threads every so often (haven't seen many of 'Rook' lately though).

The focus is usually on the (superbly beautiful) flowers, but I'd like to know/see more of the entire shrub, if anyone has pics. Of course, if you've just got flower pics there's never enough of those!

And a few more questions, for anyone who grows Paul's lovelies;

What zone are you in?

How tall/wide do they get? On the OGR types, do you see much suckering?

Do any set hips/show fall foliage for you?

Does their bloom time (if they are once-bloomers) avoid the worst of your spring/summer weather extremes, and does their flush beat the dreaded Japanese beetles?

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