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Why do I need a general contractor?

Andrew Lau
6 years ago

Last year I did a kitchen and 3 bathroom remodel, as well as some landscaping and painting of the interior of the house.

I hired a contractor, he came in and discussed all the tasks and gave me an estimate of the cost - which turned out to be a little under $80K.

Long story short, my question is do I need a GC if I can do this all by myself? I understand the main thing is "convenience" but the problem is some people he hired e.g. kitchen cabinet makers/installers were HORRIBLE and did a terrible job that almost led to me suing the contracting company.

This year I am planning to remodel my parent's house - involving possibly adding a third floor, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, installing new floors all over the house and painting interior.

My question is, if I have the time - can't I just look through Yelp, select the highest rated and most reviewed company's of each department/category to ensure that every aspect of the remodel is probably going to turn out perfect AND I don't get charged 20-30% on top of costs to pay for the contractor company?

So for example, getting a floor installation company, a plumber, an electrician, a bathroom remodel company, a countertop installation company, a company that specializes in construction to build the third floor etc. so that I can hire the best of each specialized department instead of just trusting a contractor to use their own subcontractors who are very likely terrible at their jobs?

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