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Who installs makeup air? General contractor? HVAC contractor?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Long story short, we have had a terrible time with our previous contractor (turns out he and all his subs were using other people's licenses -- explains the shoddy work), and now we are going through the process of trying to hire a new contractor and also hiring some of our own subs.

Who should be responsible for installing the make up air? We will have a 48" Bluestar rangetop with double griddle and a 15" Miele induction cooktop, with a 74" Prizer hood, 1400 CFM remote blower (on side exterior wall, not roof). We want to install the 1600 makeup air system from Fantech as well as a Fantech silencer (if we can) and makeup air heater (10 KW).

I have called a few HVAC companies in our area and nobody install makeup air systems. The general contractors I have spoken also never done this kind of installation before. Are these installations (makeup air plus heater) self-explanatory and can I trust a GC to do it even if they've never done it before? Or do I call a commercial HVAC company? But they probably wouldn't be licensed to work in residential homes... Any suggestions????? Thanks!!!

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