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Do we need a general contractor?

15 years ago

My husband & I have been going back & forth about whether we need a GC for our project or whether just having someone install our cabinets would be sufficient. We have a tight (!!) budget and are using Ikea cabinets.

We won't be moving plumbing or doing any structural work, but we do like knowing that with a GC if something "comes up" he will better be able to address it. Our house is older (1942), so it may pose a few challenges (lathe & plaster walls) newer homes may not.

On the other hand, we could save money by serving as our own GCs and hiring out the necessary subs. Any thoughts? If we end up not going with a GC, how do we determine the timeline? For example, I don't know if we do electrical first or the cabinets or when we would install flooring.

Your advice welcome!

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