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Hire a general contractor or sub-contractors?

I'm a stay-at-home mom right now and we need to gut and remodel our leaking/worn-out main bathroom.

My DH and a buddy (and me to a lesser extent) have already tackled remodeling the kitchen and the master bathroom. For the kitchen we had guys come in to install the solid-surface counter, but DH and his buddy did the rest. For the master, it was all DH/buddy.

But for this bathroom, I need to hire out all the work (except maybe the painting). The second contractor I interviewed asked me if we really needed his level of expertise; both contractors would be subbing out the work. Based on the quotes I've gotten, you pay a lot just for contractor overhead.

In theory, since I'm home most of the time (I am a part-time child chauffeur LOL), and it would save MONEY (probably not time) the idea of managing the project myself is possibly realistic.

What could I expect if I deal w/hiring the various workers myself? I'm imagining scheduling issues, and it will probably take longer...not sure how we feel about this with it being our MAIN bathroom and two little boys. How do I find the people to do the work?

I have access to Angies List. I figure a plumber for the shower valve, but can the plumber remove the old tub (DH will NOT take out the tub though he's willing to do other demo). What kind of worker installs a new tub/surround? Who installs vanity/sink, and then we would need plumber again for the faucet/drain? What about the drywall? Are all these guys contractors too?

I wondered if someone could guide me, at least as to what types of workmen do the various parts of the remodeling. I'm interested in personal experiences from people who have done the remodel this way.

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