Bosch convection oven error code E011: well, that didn't take long!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We purchased our Bosch 30" convection oven in April, but just installed it early last month. I've contacted Bosch about extending the one-year warranty to begin at installation (not purchase) date -- no such luck.

We've used the oven several times a week since Thanksgiving without issue. Yesterday, we set the oven timer for about 20 minutes -- no problem. About an hour later (all functions off), the oven started to beep, E011 flashing on and off. No amount of button pressing/clearing or knob turning would shut it off.

Per online Bosch service manual for their oven (different model #): A button was pressed for too long or has jammed. After 1/2 hour of incessant flashing and beeping, DH had to cut off the breaker.

All yesterday afternoon (oven NOT in use at all), the error code flashing and beeping repeated. And the only remedy was to shutoff the breaker.

I'll call Bosch tomorrow to schedule a visit, but anyone else have this issue? I was very leery about buying a new appliance (a la they don't make them like they used to), but DW tub seal leak August 2014 led to a kitchen reno. If I had my druthers, I would've kept my 24 y/o Whirlpool oven that was going strong, but everyone told me this would be a bad idea.

I'm just so incredibly disappointed that we're having issues this early on -- however, glad this is happening during warranty. I'm going to email Bosch and document as many of these issues as possible so that even if out of warranty, repairs will be covered.

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