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Have you discovered any new ingredients lately?

We went to a liquor store last week-end to stock up on liqueurs (and Chianti), and I found Nocello, which I thought was going to be walnut liqueur, but it is a combination of walnut and hazelnut. I also got some Frangelico because I was out of that and use it in eggnog, which is in season now. I did find (on line only) some walnut liqueur from Germany, and I noticed that it is made from semi-ripe walnuts - not sure how that would affect the flavor. I do like the Nocello better than Frangelico, but then I also bought some pecan liqueur that is made in New Orleans, which does have a very intense pecan flavor. Normally I use these liqueurs to flavor ice cream, either when I am making the ice cream or for serving with the ice cream. Kevin likes butternut pecan ice cream, but that is one of the flavors that I hate - probably because of of the butter, but I might like the pecan liqueur on ice cream - I will not put it in a whole recipe.

I might use the pecan liqueur in making chocolate turtles, and I could flavor the caramel filling with it. At this point, I will have to buy pecans, as I am not getting them from my family any more, but I may still make them. I may use the Nocello in recipes that have walnuts, but I do not have many of those. I think it would also be good in caramel, however, and I will be making more candy this year, partly because I have a new thermometer spoon that makes checking the temperature of candy that much easier. I bought it for making custards, as those require constant stirring, but it is easier to read than my normal candy thermometer, as the spoon thermometer is digital and the candy thermometer is not.

I bought a shiso plant recently and never got around to making anything with the leaves, but I might grow it again anyway. I also have a plethora of yuzu lemons right now and do not have many recipes that use them, and so I will probably freeze most of them. I had a sauce at a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant that used yuzu with wasabi, and so I might try making something like that with some of them. They make very little juice but can make quite a bit of zest.

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