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Need some help with trim and interior door colors

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I need some help choosing what color to paint my trim and interior doors. My first floor is open. Kitchen, dining room, family room and foyer are all one open area. My wall color is Ben Moore's White Chocolate. My ceiling is Ben Moore's Simply White. I know, a lot of white. I am not sure what color to paint the trim. I was thinking of just going with BM Simply White but would this just be too much? I have four exterior doors in this open area. Entrance door, two sets of sliding glass doors and a french style patio door. All of these doors are Cherry and stained. I think the Simply White may look good.

I am also at a loss as to what color to paint my upstairs interior doors. I was going to continue using the same wall/ceiling color combination through the upstairs hallway but the upstairs interior doors will be painted. Would Simply White Ceiling, trim and door paint be too much with the White Chocolate walls? There is less light in the upstairs hallway so i think there will be more visual contrast.

The pictures attached are just for reference. Not my actual home or lighting scenario.

First picture is BM White Chocolate walls with unknown white trim. It looks close to BM Simply White.

Sample of BM White Chocolate

Exterior Door stain color on first floor.

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