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Help with Studio Apt

last month

Need help with redecorating/remodeling small studio apartment please see pictures would love any recommendations!

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  • last month

    Looks better tidied up! Can you show us the table area and the kitchen?

    I honestly do not think you have room for a sectional sofa. Why is that your first wish?

    Have you considered a loft bed? That would give you much more floor space for your sectional.

  • last month
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    A bunch of suggestions:

    --Please show the right side of the room next to the fridge--the entire window wall. Then stand where you art work is and show the opposite wall. We need to see all four walls.

    --Start by strict decluttering of pillows, tiny art, little stuff on surfaces.

    --Do you have a small dining table? If so, then you could choose two upholstered chairs that you could use if you have company.

    --Get an interesting, less "bedroom-y" cover for your bed. The cover of that book you posted shows a Mexican coverlet and plain white bedding underneath. Look for something authentic/ethnic like that.--maybe Moroccan wedding blanket. (Etsy new or Ebay used) It can go over a plain comforter.

    --Sell your coffee table. Either get round nesting tables or a small round storage ottoman. (Round shapes work better than angled furniture shapes in small spaces.)

    Safavieh Chelsea Round Tray Ottoman, Flat Cream Leather · More Info


    --Float your loveseat with its back to the window. This opens up wall space for your dresser to the right of the bed and the mirror over it, which will pick up light from the window. Get plain white curtains.

    --Keep the loveseat you have. Or if it's worn out, replace it with a two seater, up on legs so it's light and not builky, If you get a two-seat sofa and it faces the bed, get a very narrow bookcase to put against its back for storage. Don't even think about a sectional. You don't have room.

    Lexicon Damala Mid-Century Solid Wood Frame Loveseat in Gray · More Info

    --Or replace a sofa and get two small barrel chairs--smallest dimensions possible. Note how little visual space this chair takes up. That cute side table, if you don't get storage ottoman, also opens up the space. Look for side tables, not coffee tables. You don't have room unless it's a storage ottoman and does double duty.

    --Remove all the little clutter--plastic vines, small art. Put your art work over the bed facing the window.

    --Bathroom: Declutter, declutter, declutter. Then:

    --Put up floating shelves that can accommodate small baskets.

    --Get plain white shower urtain with a shower liner. The red is dreary. This look is clean and simple.

    This is from Amazon. Something on the wall takes up less space than the setup you have.

    --Get the tiniest wastebasket and put it under the sink. Get cabinet organizers for under the sink.

    So say goodbye to clutter, large coffee table, little art works. Start with a clean slate.

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    This is an excellent application for a mini-split heat pump. Produce heat down to 0 and electric heat below that. Very efficient with SEER ratings in the 19 range.
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    You can be creative with the building department regarding some permits. As long as they don't know your real intent.. It's not uncommon to have water and electricity, or even a bathroom in a "detached workshop". What is your plan for heat? What is the climate? You don't want plumbing on outside walls. Will you have a dedicated circuit panel for the "detached workshop"? Get electrical, and plumbing all roughed in. Get an inspection. Good with the City, and then finish your detached workshop into the apartment. What you want to avoid is going through all this work, the city getting tipped off and having zero permits for anything. Then there's a good chance they'll make you tear the walls open to inspect after the fact. Also, an oven is what makes a space into an apartment. Building and planning departments get REALLY hung up on an oven in more than one room. So you would not want any indication given by the electrical that an oven is going in. That wouldn't be wired in until after inspection. I understand your position though, the less the city knows the better. I understand it quite well.
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    I advise you forget about all the extras—art, shelves, dining table. You need to start with the bones of a room. Where are the doors and windows? How large is the room? What shape does it have? Starting with your bedroom, measure each wall of the room and write down the number. Draw a rough outline of the room and put the measurements on it to help keep them straight. How far is a door (to closet, bath, etc.) from a corner and which way does the door open. How wide is each door? Main doors and closet doors open into a room and determine where you cannot put furniture by their swing. When you have measured all these things you need to create a floor plan. You can print graph paper (aka quadrille paper) from HERE. I like the 1/4-inch. If you need a larger grid just trim off the edge of a second page and tape it to the first so the grid is uninterrupted. Draw out your measurements so that 1 foot equals 1 inch (4 squares) on paper. Every square equals 3 inches, but you don't have to worry if the drawing is a little off. Draw in the doors and how they swing open. Next, measure the length and depth of furniture you want to put in this room. On another sheet of graph paper draw the outlines of your furniture, including the TV, to the same 1 foot equals 1 inch scale. Label each piece and cut them out. Now you can move these around the floor plan to see how they fit. You need a minimum of 36 inches for pathways between the main door and the bath and closet doors; 42 inches is better. Will you have enough room to stand beside the bed and open a dresser drawer? Only after deciding where furniture can/must go can you move on to decorating. Do this for every room you are having trouble with. In fact, before you buy an L-shaped sofa make sure it will fit without causing trouble moving around it. Here are some rule-of-thumb guidelines for decorating: Part 1 Part 2 However, the rules for art don't apply to TV placement. The middle of the TV screen should be level with your eyes when you are seated where you will watch. This is a guideline. It's OK for it to be a little high, but you don't want to put strain on your neck either.
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  • last month
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    It is hard to flip through and piece together all of the different photos with measurements. Can you just sketch a little stick figure floor plan, include doorways and windows, and all of the measurements? It would be really helpful.

    Also list all the furniture that you own and want to keep and the measurements.

    I love a good pre-war studio. Your floors and molding are beautiful. Nice light too.

  • PRO
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Rosie, I posted a million photos of studio apts and how to use room dividers.

    Did you look at any of the pictures I gave you? do you like any of them to copy?

    Here's just one of the photos I posted. I'm sure you could do something like this

  • last month

    Hi, yes, I am loving all of these options that everyone is sending. It really is helping me picture it completely different. I didn’t realize I was cluttering everything together. I’m looking at all the photos that you guys have sent. I really cannot thank you guys so much I was going crazy trying to come up with an idea for a fresh new look. I’ve been here for 10 years. Here’s the rest of my studio .. I moved the table (had it up where the small wall next to my window is).

  • last month

    Also, would appreciate any artwork and plants suggestions. I know my paintings have to go!

  • last month

    Really want a new couch first yes I was hoping something. A little bit bigger would fit, but I guess it’s not ideal. This one is kind of worn out at this point.

  • last month

    Dimensions of windows and radiator.. are you saying I should put my loveseat in front of the radiator? Move the drawers to where the loveseat was and turn my bed facing towards the window ?

  • last month

    I love these studio apartments to be multifunctional and comfortable.

    Take a look at Clei Murphy Bed Wall Systems from Italy. This is the smartest all-encompassing system for small spaces. Well designed (those Italians!) and comes in several finishes. It's pricey, but considering all the furniture pieces it includes, it's not so out there. It's worth it to see the reels online showing the easy operation. (sse the links below) You will have room for a lounge chair (but maybe not your loveseat).

    Using the long wall facing the window, you can accommodate a good amount of storage-display-sofa-bed, all tucked away and company won't be sitting on your bed (yuck).

    Consider a Smeg fridge, it's cute and again comes in finishes and might fit in your kitchen facing the entry. We can discuss the arrangement and accessories for the kitchen some other post.

    On the window wall, you then can accommodate the table perpendicular to the window (over the radiator), dresser on one side and dressing table on the other (where the fridge is now).

    After you decide on the layout, paint the walls a rich color and dress the windows.

    Here is your existing floor plan. If the dimensions are off, correct it and repost.

    Here's the proposed plan indicating the Clei Bed Wall System


  • last month

    As far as art is concerned, support your local artists! and stay away from commercial art. Or enlarge and frame a favorite travel photo, something personal.

  • last month

    Denise, that was so nice of you to draw out the plan.

  • last month

    You’ve lived here for 10 years so know well how you use the space.

    -Do you have people over, how often, do you sit at the table with them to eat? Do you sit on the sofa or bed together?

    - Where do you typically eat? Bed, sofa, table?

    - How much fridge space do you use? Are you willing to spend your own money on a smaller fridge and what would your budget be?

    - Add a pic of the inside of your closet? How well organized is it, are you maximizing space? Do you have an organizer on the inside door of the closet?

    Could you put the contents of your dresser in your closet, get rid of the dresser in favor of a nightstand with drawers, or a more functional table location without the dresser in the picture?

    - Go through your entire closet and purge whatever you can.

    - Go through the entire contents of your bathroom and purge whatever you can.

    - Consider flow and fuction first. Then think about art and plants.

    Lastly, I live in a NYC apartment and space is always a concern. I’ve recently realized that a fantastic arm chair with ottoman is every bit as comfortable as a sofa and is much less visually dominant in the space. I didn’t warm up to this idea quickly - only after test sitting in a lot of great arm chairs in stores and buying a like new used one from FB marketplace.

    What coty are you in?

  • last month

    @Denise Marchand is amazing with small spaces!

    You are so lucky she had the time to post on your thread. You just got Professional advice for free!

  • last month
    last modified: last month

    A room divider could make your spaces feel more separate, even if you don’t completely cover the bed with it. When you have company, you could close it off a bit more.

    And something like this ottoman would be comfortable to put your feet up on, plus it has storage as an extra bonus.

    You have a nice space. Spacious and charming. I love studio apartments such as this. :)

  • last month

    Hi thank you Denise for the layout you drew for me me. Truly appreciate this! Yes those measurements are correct. I’m in Brooklyn nyc.. I’m just trying to understand the comments in terms of moving my bed long ways and placing the loveseat properly
    To optimize space.

  • last month

    You are welcome and I hope it helps. I thought I smelled the best place on earth! Love Brooklyn and used to hang out in Red Hook at Sunny's! I'm in LA now but my heart is on the East coast.

    It's always a challenge to figure out a space with the crazy information given by OP. It also helps other posters to see what's what.

    Will still work on other floor plans without the Clei System, but you should really go see it. Located at Resource Furniture 969 Third Ave (58th) 4th floor, NYC , bring your dimensions. And maybe they have a floor sample for sale that fits your space.

    Not sure about that comment about bed long ways. Your space is limited and not many choices, but it can be a jewel. If you have ever gone to Milan, on Via Montenapoleone, the luxury shops are so tiny and each is like a caress of the senses with the colors and incredible details. Your place can be the same.

    I don't know what your budget is, but start with the Clei System, it solves every issue and is so practical. I've designed many studios in NY and a Murphy Bed is the way to go. It's a regular mattress, comfortable, and so easy to operate.

  • last month

    It's always my pleasure to guide someone with small spaces and design challenges. Maybe it will give the person a new way to see their space. Also when the OP comments, it helps, even if it's "That's a good idea, but that's not what I'm going to do." hehe Most of the time the help here gets crickets. (Kind of disrespectful) Thank you, Rosie, your reply is appreciated.

  • last month

    I'd be interested in seeing, now, the bed and loveseat repositioned in some of the suggested ways. For example, move coffee table out of the way for now, and face loveseat to bed with dresser next to it. And some of the others. Get some felt pads to put under the furniture.

  • last month

    I am posting the following because a lot of the back and forth here--and we really want to help the Design Dilemma poster--is due to her not posting photos of ALL FOUR SIDES OF HER SPACE! Do that upfront, people, so you get the best possible suggestions.

    Here is how to post a Design Dilemma to get the best results. You need to show the whole space—all four sides of an entire space—even if it’s about one specific Dilemma.

    Keep in mind that you're inviting some design pros and people with a design eye into your home via photos. If they walked into your actual space, they would take in all of it: all four sides, doorways, floors, windows, ceiling, trim--the "givens"--then the features that can be changed--furnishings, paint, art, rugs, decor items, etc. It's all one first impression. Same thing with photos. That's why it's important to provide well lit photos of the entire space, taken from all sides of a room regardless of the size of your problem.

  • last month

    Hi Denise thanks for the comment back! It’s really helpful. This is a rental so I’m not sure if I can have the Clej system installed in my apartment? Would be helpful to know if it’s good for a rental or only if I own it and how the installation process is. I’m not trying to spend a crazy amount but this does seem like the most practical idea to solve the space solution. I was looking for a new loveseat initially only but if the Clei system is worth it I would def get it.

  • last month

    @housegal200 as mentioned, I am new to this. Afterwards, I did post proper pics of my apartment with measurements. Thank you.

  • last month

    The installation of Clei Bed Systems is very simple, but must be done by a professional installer. It only bolts to the wall with four attachments on each section. Here's the installation instructions if you're interested. No need to worry about disassembling and moving if necessary, and patching the wall.

  • last month

    I’d consider a rectangluar drop leaf table along the wall to the right side of your bed. Use it as a bedside table, desk, solo dining table, and pull it out from the wall when guests come.

    Check out an apartment sized sofa to put between your fridge

    and the wall, where your table had been. Loveseats can look like a clunky shrunken down sofa. Apartment sized sofas have all around better proportions for smaller spaces.

    Just these two new pieces along with secluttering and new art will give your place a new feel. FB Marletplace, Craigslist, Buy Nothing in Brooklyn will have great finds.

    You can also paint your fridge a mellow color so it doesnt stand out as much.

  • last month

    Hi thanks for the advice! I’m currently trying out the different layouts you all suggested. Let me know what you think .. this is just with bed and loveseat rearranged.

  • last month

    What do you think of this setup? Or does it make the room look smaller?

  • last month

    Another angle

  • last month

    Thank you for decluttering and for trying out different layouts. They're all a big improvement. I vote for #2 for these reasons:

    --The loveseat faces one of the best features of your space: the back wall with the panels where I'm going to suggest some art below. The back of the loveseat also separates the walkway to the kitchen behind it. And, best of all, that layout visually separates sleeping area and living room area because the bed and loveseat are perpendicular, i.e. separate, yet grounded by the rug.

    With that layout, I'm going to suggest some decorating upgrades.

    --Take down that plastic vine once and for all. Move your large art work there.

    --Start looking for three great vertical art works for each of the panels on the back wall. This will pull the eye up and back, giving a visual sense of space. In a city apartment with just one window, it's nice to have something that suggests the sky with a little gold to echo your great floors. Three vertical pieces also highlight the structural panels, a nice feature of your apartment. These are all from, a great source of original designers reproduced in all sizes, framed or unframed. Get tall ones to add height to your space.

    Let the sunshine in: also has pillows and throws with great designs for your bed and loveseat. Get one large pillow sham against the back wall in a color pulled from whatever art work you choose. Upgrade your loveseat pillows similarly.

    --Get a white bamboo shade for your window. It will give you privacy but allow light in.

    --Since the space is small, just have the basics: bed, loveseat, long, low media/storage console ,small rund dining table, really nice, low upholstered dining chairs than can be pulled into the space when you have people over. Right now you have too many random pieces, plus they're all dark. Get light colored pieces. In New York, people are always downsizing their Ikea pieces. Set up alerts on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for low, long media console, small white tulip table, small, two low upholstered dining chairs.

    --Get an Ikea or some other long, low single piece that runs below the panelled wall from your bed to the edge of the kitchen. It can be a bookcase turns sideways with baskets below for storage. Look for the term "media" shelf whether new or used. Something like the white piece in this photo. At that height, it will also serve as a nighttable next to your bed. Find one in white. You need more storage.

    My Houzz: Kid-Friendly DIY Charm in Southern California · More Info

    --Get a less bedroom-y coverlet for your bed or a textured throw in golds and creams.

    --You have beautiful floors, but the rug doesn't do anything for it. Get something textured with some golden tones to echo the floor--this palette, not necessarily this rug.

    Safavieh Evoke Collection EVK236 Rug, Gray/Gold, 6'7" Square · More Info

  • last month

    This studio from Apartment Therapy reminds me of yours, also in NYC. Here's a tour of it:

    By the way, Apartment Therapy features many, many studios so check it out for great space saving ideas. This renter also has a loveseat, small round table, a couple interesting chairs, and fridge in the middle of all of it! That's a New York City studio for you.

  • PRO
    last month

    Here are a couple options building on all the other great suggestions. In plan A, I suggest a curtain divider that curves around the bed. In plan B, I turned the dresser to put it at the foot of the bed. Both would help hide the bed as the first thing you see as you enter the apartment. The Target headboard provides some storage including a charging station, is reasonably priced and, I think, looks good. I don't think you have room for a sectional but you could do a reclining loveseat that allows you to kick back a little and put up your feet, but isn't in the way all of the time. If you can, at all, move the refrigerator in the kitchen. If not, oh well, not a deal breaker. I would also invest in installing a counter over the radiator. That space could be an office, vanity, TV console, etc....

    Curtain divider

    Target headboard

    Counter over radiator

    Reclining Loveseat

  • 28 days ago

    Hi everyone ! I’ve been trying different layouts and have attached one more photo. Let me know your thoughts…

    @housegal200 thank you for your suggestion. I actually have my kitchen right next to where the fridge is.. the closet in the second photo is where the back of the loveseat is, which is why I did not push it up directly against the closet door.

    @madden I do love the idea of the counter over the radiator idea as I feel the radiator takes up so much extra space and is useless right now. Will definitely be looking into that.

    I rearranged it one more time. Please see the picture as I feel there was less space with the loveseat faced towards the closet door, but not directly pushed up against it. Let me know your thoughts on this arrangement.

  • 28 days ago

    Other angles .. thoughts? Really appreciate it!

  • 28 days ago

    Try moving around the loveseat again, to an angle near the window. This way you can have a shelf along the window over the radiator from fridge to bathroom wall. If you add a full height mirror on the side of the fridge (3" wider than the depth of the fridge) it will double the light and window.

    Use the area next to your bed for the make-up area and place the cabinet at the foot of the bed.

    Have wood tops, all the same finish, cut to size for the window shelf, table top, bookcase at bed side, and makeup top. Keeping all the tops the same will expand the space.

  • 28 days ago

    Your latest pics are great. So much more spacious and your dresser is really nice now that we can see it. I'd live with it like this for a week and see what you think.

    Any reason why your sofa is pushed up against the end of your bed instead of centered between the end of your bed and the kitchen doorway?

    I like Denise's idea of a mirror on the side of your fridge. And, while I didn't like the faux plant vine on your wall, I'm now kind of digging how it frames your bed. I think you should either leave it or hang something that similarly outines the head of your bed.

  • 28 days ago

    this just popped up for me and I thought of this thread...reminds me of your room and furnishings:

    I thought the loveseat placement was interesting, as was the curtain treatment.

  • 28 days ago
    last modified: 28 days ago

    Hi, I have lived in a few studio apartments myself. Next to the bed I would put a credenza so that the bed is separated from the rest of the room and it will give you a bit of privacy. I had a long wicker credenza next to my twin bed in one studio and it looked nice. I would move the big chair or replace it with a smaller one. Keep the space uncluttered and neat and tidy. You could put the desk on a diagonal and put the chair where the desk is possibly. I suggest a futon in lieu of a sofa. They look nice and you can buy one at WalMart for about 269. Good luck.

  • 28 days ago

    You're such a good sport moving things around. So I'm changing my vote to this:

    Here are my final thoughts:

    --Yes to TV on the dresser the way you have it. That setup does double duty and involves no new purchase.

    --Float your small dining table to window side of the room or in corner on that side. It should not be in bed area. Get a small scale modern chair on legs for your table as below.

    --Move rug back so you have clear floor walkway all the way to other side. That's your clear pathway that connects all your areas.

    --Move large art work over the bed and, again, lose the dust collecting fake vine.

    --Order three pieces of vertical art for each of the three panels on the current loveseat wall so you see wonderful art as you enter your space.

    --Change all window coverings to white--could be white bamboo shades or curtains. Ditto shower curtain. This gives you a light backdrop for art and other pieces where you can add color and pattern.

    Good luck with your place.

  • 27 days ago

    @Denise I def have thought about moving my loveseat at a diagonal as your drawing suggested. I was only concerned about losing space, but I think that behind it would be perfect for a plant even a tall floor lamp. I actually rearranged it and I’ve uploaded the photos. Let me know your thoughts on this arrangement. It’s a little snug, but I think it actually gives the appearance of being larger with this setup.

    Apologies in advance for the messy corner where I moved the table lol ! Can be hard for a girl to move!

  • 27 days ago
    last modified: 27 days ago

    Do you ever have company? I am not a big entertainer, myself. But i have lived in studio apartments; and personally never liked just having a bed sitting out in the space, without the option of being able to close off the bed area with a divider, etc. - or alternatively, have some type of sofa bed that offers the option of being able to just have a sofa set up. And I prefer this, whether I have company or not. I’m also not a Murphy bed fan. Pulling it down, putting it back up. And you have to allow for the space that the bed takes up when it’s down; so unless it‘s a huge space (and sometimes even if it is a huge space), it can be hard to furnish around it. So Murphy bed seems like a great idea in theory - but in reality, imo, not so much.

    imo, there was nothing wrong with your original layout. But you need something to divide the space. And imo, this is still going to be the case - wherever you end up putting the furniture. And people here will have you moving the furniture all over the world...

    I understand some of the principles of Feng Shui. So when I look at spaces, I have this in mind. Therefore, my view is very directed; and I don’t have to guess where and how the furniture should go - from a Feng Shui perspective, I can clearly see it.

    And ultimately, it all depends on what ”feels” the best to any given person, at any given time Looking nice is great... but if the space doesn’t “feel” good - there is no point.

  • 27 days ago
    last modified: 27 days ago

    I like the loveseat on an angle near the window! It seems like the perfect spot, and if you do the counters and angled table, you it will look even better.

    Try turning the dresser to the foot of the bed, facing the fridge. I don't like the dresser not being centered under the moulding. Not sure you have the room, but that's the nice thing about furniture, you can move it around til it finds a home.

    Also, is there anyway you can fit the fridge in the kitchen facing the kitchen entry? It's so disturbing in the main space. Investing in a 24" deep fridge and smaller will change the entire space. I know you will lose some space in the kitchen, but you can add a pantry cabinet in the main space where the fridge is now, for all the kitchen extras. Buy a Metro rack 12" deep for the kitchen and the tallest as you can find, the bottom for the trashcan and the top shelves for stuff, even if it overlaps the window.

    Design Tip: when you walk into a room, your focus is on the far corner from the entry. This is the reason the fridge stands out so much, it's the main attraction. Maybe covering it in removable wallpaper?

    I had an open kitchen in an old apartment and I hated seeing the side of the oven. I had a giant canvas leaned on the side of it and it helped tremendously.

    Try Floor Plan#6 - you are almost there. Invest in a rug as large as can fit. I have had enormous success with Facebook Marketplace and craigslist, where you can find find rugs for the best prices. Just bring it to get professionally cleaned before you bring it into your home and get a good under pad. It's worth the price.

    This is the plan with the fridge:

    This is the plan with a 24" deep fridge in the kitchen and using your round table as your makeup table. I like this plan the best, for design and function. What do you think?

  • PRO
    26 days ago
    last modified: 26 days ago

    I based my floorplan on the one posted above by Denise Marchand. Lots of good suggestions have been given and the way you moved your furniture around already looks much better. Below is another option showing a 79 inch long sofa you wanted. Everything suggested is not too expensive but it's important that you make an overall plan before starting your purchases so that if the cost is over your budget you can complete your decor over time.

  • 13 days ago

    Love these ideas thank you all so much thank you Denise really really like your plan! I’ll keep you updated as I’m in the process of updating. The last layout was also my favorite

  • 13 days ago
    last modified: 13 days ago

    Rosie, thanks for getting back with your comments, it really helps the process. I would love to see what you do as you are updating.

    Don't forget to think about curtain panels to the sill on the windows. It makes a big difference and I am a huge fan of window treatments. There are so many to choose from to complete a design concept. When you are at that point we can come up with a good solution.

    You can mount your TV on the wall next to the kitchen on a pivot, if you like to watch from the bed and the sofa. By having a bookcase next to the bed, and then the TV on that wall, the balance will be ok. It doesn't have to be art.

    Have fun! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

  • 13 days ago
    last modified: 13 days ago


    You have a good floor and wall tile. build on that.

    Paint the ceiling Benjamin Moore Decorators White. It's a bright clear white which I like to use everywhere. Paint the walls the cocoa brown to match the cocoa brown in the floors or a little darker.

    Paint the bottom of the vanity cabinet dark brown and get new hardware. Anthropologie has wonderful pulls and accessories.

    Remove the rack over the toilet and mount two shadowboxes in walnut.(see below for Wayfair). Then opposite the vanity on the wall next to the tub, add a "cd media tower" in walnut (see below). The size of these are perfect for a bathroom and all the stuff we all have and need.

    Now the fun part: Consider getting brown mosaic tiles behind the medicine cabinet from the tile to the ceiling to create a design element. See pic below.

    For the shower curtain a simple white nylon or beige and white stripe or the pic below from anthropologie.

  • 13 days ago

    I absolutely love the bathroom design concept! Will be doing! Also question if in the bedroom you suggested having a bookcase as tall as a feeling how should I mount the TV to the wall adjacent to my as it will be blocked by the bookshelf?

  • 13 days ago


  • 13 days ago

    I love this for the bathroom

  • 13 days ago

    The bookcase next to the bed is only as long as the bed - 72"-78" wide x 10"-12"deep x 78" high.

    The dresser is at the foot of the bed.

    The TV is on the wall in the center of moulding and about 6" from the top of the dresser to the bottom of the TV. Mount the TV on a swing arm so that you can view from bed and sofa.

    Here's an elevation of that wall. You are looking at the side of the bed, the kitchen entry and the side of the dresser at the foot of the bed. Note that the bookcase is just the length of the bed.

  • 12 days ago

    1 storage idea: bed frame with drawers underneath.

  • 9 days ago

    I thought of your space when I saw this recently, with the window treatment and the radiator cover painted in that lovely color.