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Need help with window trim color, shutters, and garage door color

6 years ago

I am beginning the process to improve the exterior of my 1960's home. The current windows are old deteriorating aluminum windows. I do not think they are the right style for the house and plan to replace with a fixed window over awning window on the 4 upper and lower windows. I think I will either do the same on the front window with 3 tall fixed over awning windows filling the space or just 3 fixed tall windows. Though I would love to paint the brick it is not in the budget at this time. I hope that I can improve the exterior enough with new windows and shutters to satisfy myself. I am also planning to change the door to a stained wood with 3 horizontal windows and a single long side window. I am really struggling with the sash color for the windows. I would love to replace with wood windows but again for budget reasons I will use vinyl windows. The vinyl options are cream, clay, or bronze. I am leaning toward a cream to brighten up the house a little but am unsure and nervous about making the wrong choice.

I want to replace the shutters and think they need to be wider to be more in line with the window width. The upper and lower windows are all 48" wide. From what I read the shutters should be half the width of the window so that if closed they would cover the window - but is a 24" wide shutter too much?

There is currently a rough cedar plank framing the garage door. I think it needs to be stained to match the garage door or try to match the door to the frame.

I would love any help you have to offer!

Thank you so much!

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