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Recipe help for single male diabetic

Hi, I usually post over in gardening or decorating, and it was suggested I post this here. I'm trying to help my DD, who is trying to help a family member, age 76, who is having some unexpected health problems. For some background: He was recently hospitalized with pneumonia, then had sepsis, and now has discovered his blood sugar has flared up to the point he is declared Type 2. He has been in great health until now. His wife passed away about 8 months ago. He can cook some on his own (his wife was a terrible cook), and DD is helping him shop and plan some meals for a couple of weeks until he is feeling better. She lives about 5 min away, is an RN and food-savvy, but this one has her a little thrown as to how to guide him in prep for one. And to keep them man-friendly, iykwim. We have talked about the rotisserie chickens, pre-cooked chicken breasts and fish, with veggies and salads, even if the vegs are frozen he could do that.

My cyber friends on the other forum made some great suggestions including links to the American Diabetes Assn 'Recipes for Healthy Living' and Slow Cooker recipes for diabetics, as well as some other specific low-carb and low sodium suggestions that are much appreciated and look very good.

A nutritionist was also suggested, which is another great idea she will follow-up on. This could be tricky as he has a cochlear implant and is still hard of hearing, so she will likely need to go with him.

So I thought I'd ask here if any of you have a similar situation and can recommend any other simple recipes or online resources. Thanks in advance for your help.

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