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Updating older home bathroom lights- GFCI issue

16 years ago

I'm getting the 3 bathrooms updated on my parents 1963 built home prior to sale. The exising light fixtures have an electrical outlet built in and are obviously not GFCI. If I change out the light fixtures to something more modern (highly desirable), the new fixtures would not have an electrical outlet. This would necessitate that an electrical outlet be added on the wall somewhere in each bathroom. Are these new outlets required to be GFCI even if the original outlet was not? If yes, could I install them next to the light switches tapping off (therefore not a separate line) from them or maybe use a combination switch? If no, do I need to run separate 20 amp circuits to each bathroom from the electrical panel? Adding on to the existing electrical panel could be cost prohibitive since I'm not sure if there are open spots and might require a subpanel or new panel. The cover of the electrical panel looks as if the top two spots could be puched out. Not sure that defintitel means that there are openings on the bar beneath. Also this 1960's panel has these push button circuit breakers which I don't see at any of the local big box hardware stores. Maybe available at the electrical supply houses? Does this simple act of replacing relatively cheap light fixtures going to cost me a fortune? An out I think I have is to replace the fixtures with very similar looking (and dated) fixtures (with the outlet) that I saw at the Home Depot. Of course in the electrical code world around here (Maryland) even that may not be allowed.

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