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How much is reasonable to replace an exhaust fan in a bathroom?

last month
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I recently had an exhaust fan in my bathroom replaced. Day one kid didn't know what he was doing and was here for 4.5 hours on the phone asking for help a lot. Didn't know how to rig the motion sensor in the fan properly, so talked me into disconnecting the motion sensor in the exhaust fan and installing a separate motion sensor in the light switch. Left the setting so bad, that fan and light kicked on when you were just in the hallway. When you were taking a shower, the light and fan went off and you were left in the dark, because the motion sensor in the light switch didn't pick up the activity in the shower.

Day two kid was here for 3.5 hours. On the phone calling for help pretty much the whole time asking the first kid what he did and how to rig the fixture. His boss finally drove over to help, which is about when day two kid figured it out. I had him disconnect the light switch motion sensor that first kid installed.

I wasn't upset with the kids learning on the job until I got the bill. Over $1,200 and they had the nerve to charge me for the light switch motion sensor that they took with them when they left! Kid two said that I wouldn't be charged for it. Heck, I would have kept it if I was going to be charged for it.

Anyway, same size opening, same brand of exhaust fan. I bought the exhaust fan, so that is not included in this bill. 8 hours? I'm calling firm on Monday. $1,246 is a ripoff

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