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Samsung Frame TV over a fireplace

Wasim Khamlichi
2 months ago

Hello! I am looking to mount my Samsung Frame TV over my fireplace. I think the wall panels are stone which could be a problem. I’m looking to conceal the cable behind the wall, however I’m unsure if it’s even possible with a fireplace behind it. I’m also unsure if mounting on stone is even possible.

An addition, the Frame TV consolidates all the tech (minus the screen) into this external black box, seemingly to keep the TV as slim as possible. I didn’t realize it had that so now I’ve gotta find a place for it.

Anyone have any experience mounting on stone panels above a fireplace? Would it be possible to conceal the cable?

I’d also like some design ideas on where to put the black box? I was thinking a small little cabinet underneath the vertical window, however that wouldn’t look very symmetrical. I also have a PS5 but that’s not important to have here permanently if it helps aesthetics.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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