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Where to place outlets in primary bathroom?

last month

Attached is a photo of my bathroom with outlets that need to be moved. I want to eliminate the middle outlet, and move the outlets by the sinks because right now the faucet handle is right in front of them. I cannot find a stone that matches for backsplash, so I am going to do a tile backsplash using the same black/white tiles that are on the floor (but cut down, so it will look like black/white triangles). I assume I'll make the backsplash 5-6" tall. And then I'll likely be hanging one large mirror above.

So, for the outlets, do I line them up with the sides of the vanity counter, and have them installed low/horizontal so that they are embedded within the tile? I can't do them above the backsplash because that will interfere with mirror. Or, move the left outlet to the left of the vanity counter - but the problem is, if I move the right outlet to the right, it could interfere with the mirror that I plan to hang above my makeup desk. I could probably install the right outlet horizontally and low to the makeup desk (where red arrow is pointing) and still be able to hang mirror above, but the desk is just a standalone desk, and I worry that that could be limiting in the future if I were to replace it for whatever reason. As you can see, I also have an outlet down/right near my makeup desk. (I don't even think I need the one that is on the right above the desk, and mirror might cover it).

My GC suggested two outlets right in the center, but I don't like the look of that. Any help on outlet locations would be much appreciated!

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