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Primary bathroom - water closet or no water closet and why?

last month

I don't think there is a right answer to this, and I'm asking this outside of the context of any specific plan. Would you choose a primary bathroom with a water closet, or no water closet, and why? I've heard arguments for each and can't decide. Some examples I've heard:

1) No water closet! People die on toilets! You could have a heart attach and block the door! (Also an argument for a pocket door instead of swinging door)

2) Water closet! Don't have to worry about germs getting on your toothbrush when you flush!

3) Water closet! One partner can use the bathroom while the other is getting ready.

3) No water closet! Only one person should be in the bathroom at a time anyway!

What's your vote and rationale?

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