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challenging lighting situation - under upper flight of stairs

last month
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I have a bit of a lighting dilemma, and am looking for creative lighting recommendations.

We have built the stairs as shown below, and the 'double step height' section will have collectibles, plants, etc. A few sample images are also included, although their upper flights let light through. Unfortunately, this is an area that will get no natural light, either from upstairs or downstairs, and so some lighting is needed.

Here are some of the limitations:

- The wall on the right is a sound controlled theater room wall, and so we do not want any penetration through that wall.

- We want to mildly illuminate the area on the right half (double step height area_ of the stairs uniformly, front to back, without shadowing the front of any obects placed there

- We do not want to create a situation with glare for anyone goin up or down the stairs, or walking through the hall way that the stairs Tees off of.

- We want to minimize uneven/hot-spot lighting on the drywall (right, left, or under side of the upper flight of stairs)

- We want to avoid the light intensity from getting notably stronger as we get to the shorter section towards the back of the stairs.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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