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Mystery circuit breaker keeps tripping

last month

A few days ago I went to use our washing machine and it wouldn’t turn on. I noticed the GFI had tripped and wouldn’t reset, so I checked the circuit breaker. I noticed two circuits were tripped. The one that the washer was on reset without an issue, but the GFI still didn’t reset. When I tried to reset the other one, it immediately tripped and cause the washer circuit to also trip.

I replaced the bad GFI outlet and the washer is working fine, but I am still unable to reset the other 20 Amp circuit without it tripping again, and causing the washer circuit to also trip. We have had some renovation work done over the past few years, and the labeling of circuits is no longer 100% accurate, so it is kind of a mystery as to what this 20 Amp circuit feeds. Accordingly, I checked all over the house and cannot find any appliances, outlets or lights that are not functioning with this 20 Amp circuit off. Any ideas as to what might be happening here? The house was built in the mid-1980s. We have a gas furnace and standard natural gas tank water heater, electric dryer, etc.

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