My husband is jealous of his son's relationship with his stepdad.

13 years ago

Please help! I have a 6 year old stepson whose mother has primary custody. So, he and his 2 year old sister are only with my huband and me every other weekend. Lately my husband has been very jealous of the relationship his son has formed with his stepfather. Although he appreciates that he obviously cares about him, it is causing some problems emotionally for my husband. Last week he went to open house at his son's school and his son was very clingy with his stepfather. He said that his son showed him his classroom but didn't spend much more time with him. His ex-wife's husband had to actually tell him to go see his dad (my husband) and tell him good-bye, etc. Then last night, my stepson was taken to the ER for an injury he got while riding his bike. He turned out to be fine but my husband was very upset when he got home because his son was clinging to his stepfather. My husband wants to have a talk with his son about this and I have very firmly tried to talk him out of it. I succeded in stopping him from saying anything the first time but now he won't listen. What do you all think??

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