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My husband neglects my son He doesn't know how to be a step paren

15 years ago

I have the feeling my husband doesn't really like my 13 year old son (Chad). I have know nick for 19 years been been together for about 4 years and married for 2.

Over all, Nick is perfect, except for his and my son's relationship. He lets me stay home to be a house wife ( inwhich I'm not the best but he doesn't complain)

Here's some of our history

Nick's very calm relaxed & low maintance, and is Alway on the computer playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT when he's home. Were not the type that eats dinner at the table but infront of the TV. I'm bi-polar and depressed. Chad's a great kid and stays out of trouble and has a very big heart.

Nick and his father didn't get along in his teen years when he decided he no longer wanted to play football. His father would talk around him instead of to him. ex, Peggy ( Nick's Mom) ,"Peggy you need to tell your son he needs to cut the grass." They were sitting in the same room. (Nick, Peggy and his Dad)

So I under stand that Nick doesn't know how to be a good father emotionally.

Chad's Dad also neglect's him. He didn't come see him until he was 4 years old. The only thing I ever asked was for him to come see his son. Then he came to see him every other weekend, that lasted for alittle over a month. Then he became a holiday-day dad. And now it's every 6-8 months.

It makes me sad that Chad probably feels like he doesn't deserve a good father.

Nick cares for him, he just doesn't show it emontially but he shows it financally. Chad don't need for any thing but may want for alot.

Last night, I was putting some pictures from my camera onto the computer. I put a picture of my son as a screen saver. Nick came in from work and seen it, He yelled "HOW DO I GET THIS F***ING PICTURE OFF OF THE SCREEN SAVER".

Nick NEVER, NEVER yells, and He never cussed me like that! What the hell happened??? This is not him. "Thank God", chad was not home.

All I could do is cry, he said he didn't think he said "f**king", but he did. Is this how he really feels about Chad? or was he mad that I change some thing on the computer??

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