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My new dog doesn't like my son

11 years ago

Earlier this week, my son (15), my daughter (17) and I visited the animal shelter and my son found a dog that he clicked with immediately. We asked to sit outside with the dog and we played fetch with him. Everything went great. A couple days later, my son and I went back to visit him and we played fetch with him again and it all went perfectly. Today, my husband and I went to adopt him. My son and daughter stayed back to work on the doggie fence. As soon as we got home, my daughter who was in the garage came to greet him. Our new dog was super friendly and happy. We went to the back yard to look for our son who approached our new pet and the dog went off running away. A little later we all played fetch with him and it seemed fine but now, a few hours later, our new pet growls at him and if my son gets too close, he snaps at him. We tried playing fetch with him again after dinner and he won't return the toy if my son throws it. This is so sad and so strange because my son is great with dogs. Our neighbors call him the "Dog Whisperer" because the dogs in our neighborhood love him. He's also the only one that gets along with the neighbors dogs across the street. I'm so sad and even though my son says he's fine because he knows our new dog will eventually warm up to him, I can tell he's disappointed. He's such an animal lover and loves our new dog. Our new dog seems to love me, my daughter and my husband. What should he do? What can I do to help?

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