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New older life step parent!!

welly50 ann
2 months ago
  1. At age 73, i have found that I am a step mother.!! My husband never told me about his past that resulted in a baby given up for adoption. 52 years later this adult woman found my husband via a DNA test connecting her with my husband’s brother.(deceased). A niece forwrded an email from the new daughter, to my husband -which he hid from me, and started to communicate with her multiple ways and times without telling me. They both knew that they were betraying my trust but continued for almost 3 weeks before my husband told me. Because I have always ”got along to get along”, my husband had no idea that i would react the way that i did. i was devastated that sfter 49 years of marriae that my husband could betray and decieve me this way!! Becausse of the stress, he ended communication with her. Fast forward a few months and the daughter has turned up again and a meeting took place (turns out birth mother lives 5 minutes away)which was unexpected at a public venue and now a relationship has begun. Problem-I am having a hard time bonding with this step daughter( all my girls-her half sibs - who are grown and on their own-are pushing to move too fast) and I feel it will take a long time to accept this person into my life. My husband has health issues and i was hoping our lives would be less stressful and uncomplicated in our remaining years together.
  2. I don’t want to feel pressured into visits, entertaining and some of my children are making comments to my husband about leaving me out of get togethers with he and new daughter. very upsetting in many ways.!

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