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Good Resources : How To Crown Molding and Trim

14 years ago


We are about to venture into creating molding and trim in our circa 1880 renovation home. This home was never a victorian beauty, but a solid, square, well lived in house. Most of the original woodwork disappeared long ago and what is left is mostly dry-rotted. I am thinking classic elegant trim, nothing over the top - just like the house - simple and solid.

We are amateur wood-workers, but quick learners, self-taught on all previous projects and good with tools - have router, table saw, chop saw, etc. I believe with proper instruction and some trials and errors, we will be able to create what we want.

Can anyone recommend any good how-to books or websites we would be able to get some basic instruction from? I went to Amazon and was overwhelmed on the book selection in the trim and molding catagory. I am thinking some of these are fluff. Even a couple of resources I could read and combine the info would be fine.


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