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What size baseboard trim for 10ft ceilings with NO crown molding?

B Carey
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I am wanting to run my living room windows all the way down to my baseboard trim height in my new build. Windows will look similar to these. (Still deciding if I want to have awning windows at the bottom or full picture windows for my view...there will be a door to the left that can be open to hear animals outdoors in our woods.) Love the idea of my little dogs being able to look right out the windows!

I'm going with the more simple 1* trim boards with no design. I'm thinking that I need to go with 1*8 for the baseboards...which is really 1*7.25. Does this sizing seem right or too small? Also, would you then do the 1*8 for the top of doors/windows? Or drop down to a 1*6? I'm doing an 8ft header height.

Thanks in advance!

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