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hall tree hell. HELP!

last month

Ok guys, I have 5 kids and wanted a hall tree in our small entry room. The bottoms are cabinets so we can hide the kids shoes, the cabinet on the end is a closet for coats and the top of hall tree id like to use by placing baskets for each kid up top for hats, gloves etc… I am overwhelmed by this! I wasn’t expecting it to be this bulky and massive. I think we will remake closet to fit the width and height up to the soffit bc it just looks odd, plus I would like just one door on it. Also may need it flush with hall tree and not sticking out. Should I shorten the height of the tree hall? Take the sides off and replace with wood brackets underneath shelf? I don’t have tall ceilings at all and this room only has as much room on the other side as you’re seeing on this side. I just didn’t imagine it being this huge and I hate it. Please help! If anyone can draw up a 3d image or sketch of what they think would make this look more pleasing to the eye, simple and not so bulky pls do!! I’ve been crying for hours. 🥺 I’ve paused the painters coming to paint and install hardware so I can make changes BC THIS IS NOT IT. Thank you!!

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