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My husband hates my kids...should I leave him

14 years ago

My husband hates my kids, and they hate him back, which makes for a miserable home life. They do not speak to each other or have any interaction with each other. Because of the lack of communication in the home it is a very tense environment. A few years ago my husband called my daughter a very bad curse word (female dog), and she has never forgave him. Last year my oldest son graduated from high school, and was starting a community college in the fall, my husband wanted him out of the house immediately, without a care as to where he would live. As far as he was concerned he is grown and is it is time to go. My youngest son is very involved in sports and plays for an elite basketball team, which requires a lot of travel, time and money. Many games are held on Sundays and out of town. My husband has said that I must attend church on Sundays and that he will have to go with another parent or the coach. Because of all of the tension between my husband and children I am very unhappy. My children also tell my family what a horrible step father he is and so my family is mad at me and they say I am putting my husband before my children and that I should leave him. Please help, I am desperate for any advice on this mess.

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