Nightmare with Rohl bath and kitchen plumbing.

15 years ago

I bought my kitchen and master bath plumbing from Rohl. It has been a nightmare, I paid premium price but the quality is worse than the product from Home Depot.

There is defect in Rohl kitchen faucet, the first faucet has leakage when my contractor was installing it, I had to request replacement, however two days after I used the second one, there is another leakage, there is a lot of water on the counter even if I am not using the faucet; I can see the water is leaking out of faucet. When I opened the cabinet under the sink, the bottom of the cabinet was full of water, if I didn't caught the problem in time, my brand new cabinet will be ruined.. The Rohl sales rep told me that 1 out of 50 faucet has defect

The plumbing for my master bathroom was also from Rohl. it was terrible, Two shower head broke into two pieces. I had double shower, body spray, tub and vanity faucet, the color of every pieces are so different as if they don't come from the same company, I had to have my contractor pull them off the wall, I returned all the product, bought another brand. The worst is that I had to return my bath tub because I bought a tub to match with Rohl faucet. When I was returning the Rohl bathroom products, another customer walked in, also with two broken shower head. Of course, I was told there is a bad batch. It is a shame that Rohl put their defect products on the market.

I would never recommend anyone use Rohl product.

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