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Help! My hair is green :(

4 months ago

We built a brand new dream home in 2020. It is in a rural area and we have a well system. We knew we would have hard water, so we paid a professional water treatment company many thousands to have a softener system with purified drinking water for our kitchen. A few months after moving in, I noticed my blonde hair (professionally bleached) was turning green 💚 😩. I called the water treatment company and they sent technicians out to test everything. All tests came back normal -- no copper, no chlorine, normal pH, blah blah blah. I tried a special shower head, that helped a little. The house is 3 floors, including basement (where our master suite is) and I tried using a different shower. Still green, but turned more slowly. Through so much googling, I tried shutting off the recirculating pump. Still green, and kow can't get that to work again 😞 I assume it is from our copper pipes, but no idea what to do about that. Can just the copper pipes to one bathroom be replaced?? Any other ideas? Please help. I can't move and I'm not cool enough to rock green hair.

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