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Table Manners

12 years ago

On a different thread pllog brought up the subject of how her South African roommate used her cutlery vs the American way. Which got me thinking how different table manners can be depending on your upbrining.

I was taught to eat with the knife in my right hand and the fork, tines down, in my left. Each mouthful is cut individually, never cut all at once and the knife is used as guide to getting the food on the fork. Some foods are eaten using the fork as a scoop but not generally.

A table setting is laid out to accomodate the fork in the left hand and there is no need to constantly switch the fork and knife from hand to hand.

Mind you not all Canadians use the British style. It's always interesting to see people at the same table using their cutlery in different manners. I was even corrected once!!! She won't make that mistake again ! LOL!

How do you use your cutlery?

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