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Thoughts re this bid for installation of Plasma TV & Surround?

16 years ago

I've just received a bid for installation of a 50" plasma TV (wall mount) and a surround sound system.

If you have any insight, please let me know your thoughts on whether this sounds reasonable or too much.

Labor: $2050 for installation, setup, configuration and calibration of the following:

-50" wall mount plasma

-3 in wall speakers (in lath and plaster)

-2 in ceiling speakers (in lath and plaster)

-1 stand alone subwoofer

-install electric and cable outlets

-connect A/V receiver

-connect DVD player

I have no idea how long this should take him and how much is a fair wage per hour in central northern California.

Your thoughts?

Also, I've assessed all the pricing on the components and am comfortable with the prices. However, he wants to charge $1,350 for "video cabling, speaker cables, digital interconnects, fittings, and wallplates." While I realize higher end cables, etc., cost more, does this price sound way out of line for connecting a simple 5.1 surround system a DVD player, cable and the TV?

Thanks in advance!