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Fireplace and TV wall options

Robert Foster
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We have a 13' wall on which we want to place a wood-burning fireplace and TV (built-ins and finishes TBD). This wall is part of a part of a larger great room (16x26') that is adjacent to an open dining and kitchen area, and immediately next to a NanaWall that opens onto a screen porch. The ceiling slopes from 9' to 12' on the window side, which overlooks a dune bluff and lake view. The room is large enough that we are planning on a 60"x35 or 42" firebox.

The design dilemma that we disagree about is how to arrange the wall so that it looks appropriate in the room as a whole but also allows functional use of the TV. Our best guess is that the fireplace will be in use with a wood burning fire @ 5-10% of the time, though the TV would get much more frequent use.

Wall options include:

Eccentric Fireplace Left

Main concern TV off center to the right would render it less useful, more difficult to see off to the right

Eccentric Fireplace Right

Main concern Fireplace off center to the right would make the room look odd or make the fireplace itself off center; fireplace to the left appears to be better centered in the entire space

Center Fireplace on wall with TV over the fireplace

Main concern: TV viewing height -

-possible solution by dropping firebox and hearth to floor level and using lower non-combustible mantel to allow for TV at closer to appropriate height

  • Built-ins are shown as a placeholder only pending final design
  • Still to be determined whether to hide TV behind some type of cabinetry or leave uncovered, consider placing matte black TV on darker background (dark tile, for example)

We would appreciate any thoughts or guidance regarding this design dilemma. The room is asymmetric anyways, but we are struggling with what looks best versus what functions best.

Appreciate any help!

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