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Pls help - TV Size dilemma for small room

Michael Henry
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago


I have a den/office at the end of a hallway, with big south facing windows (it's a little like a sun room as well) across from the door filling up the back wall. The total room size is 11'6" x 11'6", and it has a small desk next to the door and a couch along one side wall. Question -- how big a TV should I get? I am choosing between a 55" or 65" mounted flat screen across from the couch, and eye distance from TV will be ~9'. Most calculators say to get the 65". My question is if that's too big for the size of room -- will it dominate room and make the room look ugly? Torn as 65" feels like a more optimal immersive TV size per online posts, but 55" seems like the better design choice. Curious if others agree that 55" is the better design choice? It is not intended to be a full blown "media room" and so would tend to lean towards the better design choice, whatever that is.


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