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Install flat-screen TV for resale?

15 years ago

I've posted previously about helping my mother get her townhouse ready for sale next year. Things are going well (other than the mortgage crisis, of course). My question is, we're thinking of installing a flat-screen TV for resale. Opinions, please?

A basic description of her property/local market:

-Large 3 bed/2.5 bath townhouse with two-story dining room, eat in kitchen, fireplace, garage, huge master, tons of storage.

-Small upscale development, about 25 years old, immaculate landscaping, freshly painted buildings and new fencing, expensive cars and dogs.

-Lots of big corporations nearby, great area for jobs/commuting.

-Downside: location is Ewing NJ, a not-so-good school district. Perhaps because of that, there are hardly any kids in her development (which also means it's very quiet, no teenagers with noisy cars, etc).

-Upside: The closest newer townhouses (next township over, better schools) are similarly priced but you get far less for your money. Much smaller square footage, no garage, no separate dining room, tiny kitchen and yard, no fireplace, lots of highway noise, etc.

-A similar unit in her development just listed for $265k, which is the starter price for middle-class housing in the area.

I think her house will appeal to "aspirational" buyers, who are stretching financially to buy their first home but want a house with upscale features.

Would a big sexy TV be a "wow" and a good negotiating item to that kind of buyer?

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