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my first Pampered Chef product is...

16 years ago

Ta da.... a garlic press! It was a late Christmas present from a friend who got sick of hearing me swear every time I used my Oneida. The silly thing had a plastic plunger, and the plunger and sieve were removeable for easy cleaning.... that meant they fell out before, during, and after use. Did I mention that the handles actually bent during use? And, that the garlic shot out the back instead of through the holes? Yeah, that too! After that and my Onieda ice cream scoop broke, I'm boycotting that awful brand. I did like the shape of the handle for asthetics and the fact that I was able to hang it up. Those are NOT reasons to buy a garlic press!

The PC one is perfect. It crushes the garlic great, and no need to peel first! It is all one piece and the handle is very comfortable. It is a little hard to squeeze, but a lot of fun! I made a meatloaf and I think there was more garlic than ground beef... I couldn't stop myself! The only thing I find annoying is that the cleaning tool is awkward and clumsy. I've shoved mine to the back of the drawer as review I read stated to do... great advice!

PC on left, POS on right. I don't even think the Onieda is worth the energy it would take to recycle it for scrap metal. I don't know what to do with it... I dare not inflict it on anyone else!

So, what other PC products are a must have?


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