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Connecting Roku help needed

12 years ago

Couldn't find any postings to address my particular situation, so here goes...

I just bought Roku XD, but am afraid to mess up any other connections.

Have a Sanyo HDTV. We have Dish Satellite, but this tv is the secondary one

and its connections include just the power plug and (I think it's called) coaxial cable which

is plugged into an RS Modulator because of our VCR and DVD players.

The computer router is a wireless D-Link N150, which handles both our wired desktops and a wireless laptop.

We connect to the internet via the cable company. Don't know the speed, but it's pretty fast.

Don't have NetFlix or anything like that.

Guess my questions are:

Should I just put the color-coded Roku wire plugs into the

corresponding color things on my tv (assuming I can figure

out the correct ones) rather than the RS modulator, and hope it doesn't disrupt our present tv setup/picture?

Since I'd like to try a wireless connection between the Roku and computer, would I be asked to give information

I may not know even though nothing computer-related is password protected?

I'm definitely challenged when it comes to electronics, and would be so grateful for some clear and simple guidance.

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