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UPS needed - which ones?

4 months ago

Where I live, I get a lot of power interruptions, usually quite short. I would like to get one or more battery-backup UPSs for my router, home theater, etc. Every time one of these happens, even if it's for only a couple of seconds, many of my devices need to be reset. My primary computer is a laptop, so it already has its own battery, but my TV, my cable box, my router, etc. get reset upon restarting, and that's an annoyance. Also, a problem for higher-powered kitchen appliances which are "smart", such as the refrigerator, microwave and electric oven, but these are not possible to protect. Would a simple APC or Tripp-Lite one be adequate? What happens if the outage is long enough that the battery discharges - other than power ceases? Would the quality of the AC power (sine-wave vs square wave) be significant for this application?

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