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Problems with Outlook 2013

2 months ago
last modified: last month

After attaching a large picture file to an email and accidentally clicking Send, Outlook "broke". It successfully downloads new emails as usual but Outlook never sends any emails. The bad email has since been deleted and all others in the Outbox queue also were deleted. Newer emails still do not send. The emails, regardless of size, remain in the Outbox Folder as Outlook continues to try to send them unsuccessfully. Running Outlook 2013 with W10.

No solutions seem to correct the issue so I would like to (a) force the archival of all emails still in my Inbox into their corresponding usual archival folder either on the current outlook.pst file or on other pst files that I also have with different names, (b) rename the existing outlook.pst file something else and (c) force the recreation of the outlook.pst file by reinstalling outlook/et al again.

What do you think? Thanks in advance, Luis


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