30'' Induction Cooktop in colors other than black?

11 years ago

I'm looking for an 30" induction cooktop that will be fitted into a beige granite countertop. Most of the appliances and fittings are stainless steel. A white cooktop wouldn't look right, bisque seems to have fallen out of fashion and I can't find anything but radiant in this color, and the wide plethora of colors that refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines are now available in don't seem to have made the transition to cooktops.

I know of the stainless-steel (silvery) cooktops from GE Monogram and Thermador; the former is claimed to reflect the colors of nearby cabinetry and countertop colors and seems to in their online photos (haven't seen one IRL). Is there anything else that isn't black or white? Has anyone seen the mirror-surface GE or Thermador (or others) and liked them? Thx.

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