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Fisher Paykel dish drawer exterior condensation problem

12 years ago

We have a single F-P dish drawer model # DS605 with a front panel matching our cabinets. I store colanders in the drawer underneath. Recently I noticed condensation in the cabinet drawer at the end of cycle. The next few times I ran the DD I checked every 15 minutes both visually and by touch in the lower drawer and never noticed any heat or moisture on the bottom of the DD or in the drawer until very near the end of the cycle. Since then I have left the cabinet drawer open about 3" whenever I'm running the DD because I'm afraid the condensation will eventually warp the lower drawer or even the panel on the DD. This is easy enough to do and the location is such that there is very little risk of anyone tripping over the open drawer.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this with a single F-P dish drawer? Could some sort of vent be blocked? The problem has been "solved" by opening the drawer---no more heat or moisture anywhere---so I could just leave well enough alone but I'm afraid I might be ignoring a problem that could turn into something bigger. Any experiences or suggestions on how to remedy this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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