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Need help with Fisher-Paykel Dish Drawer Installation

8 years ago

I want to install a FP DD under a 23" sink, in a 24" base cabinet.

I have seen posts in this forum that affirm that what I hope to achieve is doable. And I've had that confirmed by FP in a phone conversation, although their manual does not give instructions for how to do that.

My problem is that I don't know WHAT DEPTH OF SINK I can use (need to order) and WHAT TYPE OF BASE CABINET to order, so that the drawer front, which will be mounted above the DD, will have the correct dimensions. Does anyone know what kind of cabinet has been successfully used with the FP standard, single DD?

I called FP again today and we talked about the cabinet specifications. The person I spoke with confirmed that the cavity inside the cabinet needs to be about one inch wider than the inside of a standard 24" cabinet. So how is that going to work out?

She agreed that it didn't seem to make sense and said she would send my inquiry to their technical support staff, via an email and would get back to me.


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