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I just can't get this gardening stuff right... What's wrong?

9 years ago

I seem to have terrible luck with gardening. Earlier this year, my squash died from squash vine borers and my tomatoes has something, though they've managed to at least give me some fruit, thankfully. Now, I'm struggling with so many other issues. My potatoes looked beautiful all year and when I dug them up, a lot of them had holes in them and I found a few tiny worms of some sort. My corn has yet again (third time was NOT a charm) gotten some kind of disease. One year it turned reddish/purple, the next it had worms and now it looks all kinds of crazy. I have no idea why I can't grow the stuff. I had a few squash that the vine borer did not get ahold of, but when I rolled them over to pick them, I found a bunch of holes on the bottom! Finally, my baby Honeycrisp Apple tree (planted 2 years ago) has something wrong with it. The leaves are all blotchy and it hasn't seemed to grow at all since I planted it. Does anyone have any ideas what diseases my plants have?!? My beans were pretty much my only success this year, although the tomatoes turned out ok. I really thought i had this gardening thing down this year. The garden was beautiful in June, I mulched with straw, added a couple worm towers, applied regular organic fertilizer (Organic Choice in June and July, fish fertilizer in August) and kept weeds down much better than in the past. I used all heirloom seeds. I know my soil is terrible, but I thought that working in a few bags of composted manure as well as regular fertilizer would have done the trick, but it appears as though I was wrong! I am experimenting with annually rye right now, hoping that'll help my soil a little, but I need more advice on how to prevent these problems next year!!! Chemicals are not a choice for me, so I need organic solutions. Thank you so much!

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