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I'm So Excited! I Canned My Own Pickles!!

14 years ago

I'm like a little kid - I actually break out in giggles every time I look at the jars sitting in the cupboard!! I am SUCH a city girl and I just cannot believe I actually canned my own pickles! Of course, who knows what they're going to taste like in 4-6 weeks, but I did it!

I made 7 pints of sweet pickle chips with some onion in them (I love pickled onion!) and I made 3 quarts of kosher dill spears. I have enough cucumbers picked that I should have enough for one more batch - I'll do them up this weekend. I'm using the Ball Blue Book for instructions and recipies (and the advice I've gotten here as well). I just ordered the entire set, the book along with the pot and jar rack and all that, so everything's new and the instructions I'm following should be up to date.

I do have another question, however. I would also like to try my hand at making jam. Do you pros prefer using those smaller, half pint jars, or do you make your jam by the pint? Is there a difference, other than amount of course? I need to order some more jars and I'm not sure which ones to get for the jam. I don't have the fruit or anything yet, I'm just planning down the road.

I have tons of tomatoes and would love to do those or some salsa, but I only have the hot water canner, not a pressure canner, and I do not trust myself with anything other than pickles with all the vinegar, or jam, with the sugar. I know I can add lemon juice to the tomatoes, but I think I'm better off just freezing them the way I have been (as well as my salsa) for now.

Anyway - thanks for the advice I've gotten from people and I can't wait to taste my pickles!! I know it probably sounds silly but I am beside myself lol!! Between actually growing the stuff myself, and now canning, I've developed a deep respect for the work people had to do in order to feed their families back in the day!! I've wanted to do this for so long and I'm so glad I finally did! I'm sure I'll be back for more advice!

Lisa :)

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